We grow a wide range of vegetables and fruit in season.

There’s always plenty to look forward to.  Harvesting times and crop success can be unpredictable but we try and maintain a year-round supply of larder essentials, such as organic potatoes, onions, carrots, greens and salads.  We supplement our own production with high-quality organic supplies from other growers to make sure our customers will always find a good range of organic vegetables. 

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Early in the year, visitors to the store can expect beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, rocket, winter salads and winter purslane or claytonia going into spring greens and salad onions.  Summer brings agretti, chard, kohlrabi, chicory and peas and berries of every kind.  At the height of summer, we have a huge range of heritage tomatoes of all colours and sizes, golden beetroot, and green, French, purple, broad and borlotti beans.  Courgettes, squashes and marrows, aubergines, chillies, peppers and fennel come too.  In the autumn, there are baby turnips, different types of kale, and swedes and Jerusalem artichokes to see us through the winter in rich soups.  From an organic Suffolk mushroom grower we have paris pink, portobello, chestnut and white mushrooms just about all year round.

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