Happy Hens = Delicious Eggs

Hens that eat well and roam free produce delicious eggs.

Who are our hens?

All certified by the Soil Association, Maple Farm hens live in small flocks as their ancestors would have done.  They have spacious shelters and roam freely.  They are a variety of traditional breeds and known for their smart brown eggs.

Where do they roam?

Maple Farm hens roam our organic tree-lined meadows and woodland.  The meadowland is planted with a variety of grasses and deep-rooting herbs.  This mixture helps the hens to find a well-balanced diet and stay healthy.

What do they eat?

Maple Farm hens find some of their diet such as insects and worms on their travels.  This is supplemented as far as possible with a home-grown feeding programme:  the farm has its own hammer-mill which allows us to mill home-grown peas and beans to make wholemeal food for them.

All wrapped up

Maple Farm eggs, like the hens that produce them, are well cared for.  We want to share them with you when they are at their very best.  The packaging includes information on size, quality and freshness.   

Sizing things up

Using the little Maple Farm egg grader machine, we sort, size and package thousands of eggs a year, according to strictly regulated procedures and to the highest standards. 

Where to buy

Fresh daily from our Maple Farm Kelsale store.

Our eggs are also available in a number of farm shops and independent stores and delis, through Farm Drop and at branches of Waitrose and the Co-op in East Anglia.