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Maple Farm

Meet the team

The Kendall family have been farming in Kelsale for over 50 years. Our team is committed and knowledgeable. Organic principles, quality and conservation are at the heart of what we do. We’re a great bunch of local characters.


Down on the Farm


As well as growing to organic principles and supporting rare breed livestock, Maple Farm Kelsale has been managing conservation for well over 10 years through the Countryside Stewardship scheme.

Large areas of flowering vetches and clovers are a haven for different species of threatened bees and other insects. Yellowhammers, skylarks, turtle doves and barn owls are familiar sights, and great crested newts live in some of our many ponds.

The farm has a wide range of wildflowers in its hedgerows and meadows including a number of exceptional wild orchid varieties, with delicate colours stretching from whites to pinks and yellows.


Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that organically grown produce tastes better and is better for us and the environment. Our aim is to grow organic produce for local people to enjoy.

Locally-grown produce is usually fresher. It supports local farming families and communities. It is kinder to the environment, saving energy resources and reducing the number of lorries on the roads.

The organic system helps us look after our soil and to grow healthy plants – and we think that whatever eats these plants will also stay healthy.

Fifty years ago many farms were like Maple Farm Kelsale with miles of hedgerow, managed woods, ponds and streams which were valued as assets. Today we again encourage hedgerows, plant new woods, protect ponds and streams and encourage wildlife.

We operate to Soil Association standards. We acknowledge responsibilities to our environment through the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. We are active within our local community and work with local businesses. We work with other organic farms in our area sourcing and selling our produce and co-operating over transport and marketing.

We think we understand where our products are going to, and we know exactly where they have come from.

We hope you enjoy sharing them with us.