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Maple Farm

Treat yourself


Our honey is available at farmers’markets and from the Maple Farm Store.

Nectar gathered from the most beautiful wildflowers


Vetches, clovers, primroses, cowslips and briar roses– our bees have a fantastic array of wildflowers growing in the meadowland and high hedgerows to choose from . Our meadows are home to flourishing specimens of rare wild flowers too, such as bee orchids– many with the most breath-taking colours.

Nectar gathered from local crops

Field beans, fruit trees and plants, brambles and oil seed rape – our bees are natural foragers. They have a great selection of nectar sources in our neighbouring fields and hedgerows.

Sophia’s very delicious Suffolk honey


Our honey is collected from hives in Sophia's Wood. At Maple Farm Kelsale, we have kept our ancient woodlands as well as planting several new woods in recent years.

We’d love to call our honey organic, but we’ve yet to find a way of keeping our bees firmly within the Maple Farm Kelsale airspace. One of our immediate neighbours also farms according to organic principles, but bees do cover some distance on their travels.

It is nevertheless very delicious honey. And precious stuff too. Supply is limited, so unfortunately you won’t find it in the shops. We sell our honey at the local farmers’markets.

Deliciously spreadable

It’s been referred to as ‘sweet Suffolk sunshine (on toast)’. Our honey is generally smooth and pale, and eminently spreadable.

Simply Suffolk

Great on toast, on the teaspoon or with a handful of walnuts as an after supper treat. Our honey is pure Suffolk on a spoon – and for some perhaps a local nectar which acts as a great antidote to hay-fever woes. We can’t prove it, but for those who swear by it, it is an unusually delicious medicine to take.