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Storing your organic vegetables


Just a few quick rules of thumb here, but do contact us if you need more advice.

Root vegetables
Don’t wash them until you use them
How: in a paper bag
Where: in a dry, cool & dark place ( eg.Cupboard)

How: in an open plastic bag
Where: in the fridge

Where: in a cool, dry, dark place

Where: in the fridge

Where: in the fridge (unless drying beans for long term storing)

Onions / Garlic
How: ‘shell’ on ( don’t be tempted to peel any off)
Where: in a cool, dark, airy place

How: in a paper bag
Where: in the fridge

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Your guide to seasonal vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables

Eating with the seasons can be great fun. There’s always plenty to look forward to. Harvesting times and crop success can be unpredictable, but here is a rough guide to vegetable seasons and availability.

From JANUARY to (inclusive)
Beetroot year round
Cabbage year round
Carrots year round
Potatoes - Pink Fir Apple March
From FEBRUARY to (inclusive)
Broccoli October
Cabbage - Tundra year round
Mushrooms - paris pink year round
Mushrooms - portobello year round
Mushrooms - white year round
Onions year round
Rocket September
From MARCH to (inclusive)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli April
Rhubarb May
Watercress September
From APRIL to (inclusive)
Claytonia / Winter Parsalane May
Radish September
Salad onions November
Spring Greens May
From MAY to (inclusive)
Asparagus - green June
Asparagus - white June
Lettuce September
Pumpkin October
Radish September
Spinach February
Spring Cabbage June
From JUNE to (inclusive)
Avocado year round
Beans - Broad September
Carrots - bunch October
Chard November
Chicory July
Kohlrabi November
Lettuce - Little Gem September
Mixed Leaves August
New Potatoes August
Peas August
Tomatoes September
Sugar snap peas (mange tout) September
From JULY to (inclusive)
Beans - Borlotti August
Beans - French September
Beans - Green August
Beans - Purple September
Cherry Tomatoes September
Chinese Cabbage September
Courgettes - green August
Courgettes - yellow August
Cucumber August
Garlic September
Globe artichoke September
Lettuce - Batavia August
Marrow September
Onions - red September
Onions - white September
Pak Choi September
Runner Beans September
Salad Potatoes August
Sweetcorn September
From AUGUST to (inclusive)
Aubergine September
Butternut Squash November
Cauliflower September
Celery December
Chicory December
Chillies September
Dwarf French Beans September
Fennel September
Peppers September
Romanesco Cauliflower September
Tomatoes - big October
From SEPTEMBER to (inclusive)
Leeks - baby October
Patti Pan Squash October
Romano Potatoes March
Salsify December
Squash November
Turnips - baby October
From OCTOBER to (inclusive)
Celeriac April
Kale - black ( Cavelenero Cabbage) April
Kale - Russian April
Leeks February
Parsnip March
Turnip March
Swede January
From NOVEMBER to (inclusive)
Brussel Sprouts (loose) January
Cabbage - red December
Chinese Leaves December
Jerusalem Artichoke January
Potatoes - red March
Potatoes - white March
From DECEMBER to (inclusive)
Brussel Sprouts (on the stalk) January
Chantenay Carrots January
Savoy Cabbage January