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Maple Farm

Organic Laying hens


We always have organic hens available for sale as part of our natural flock control. Our flocks are of a number of varieties. Both point of lay and birds which have been laying for a short while are generally available. We are able to deliver hens in a local radius, or you are welcome to make an appointment to come to the farm to collect. Contact us to receive latest prices and to place your order.

Organic fruits


We’d love to grow more delicious organic fruit, but our production is limited to a small orchardful of apples and some occasional soft fruit.

We market quality organic fruits under the ‘Tenuta di Sant’ Emilia’ label. These are sourced from our specially selected organic cooperative supplier who shares our values. We see this as a service to our dedicated organic customers, and have developed the separate identity to avoid confusion.

Our organic fruit is available in some farm shops around Suffolk, and apples, citrus and soft fruits are sometimes included in the organic vegetable box / bag.

Organic potted herbs

Our small selection of potted herbs is growing all the time. So that you can enjoy fresh herbs straight from your window sill, when you need them for that special dish or freshest salad.


Blessed with fantastic hedgerows and flourishing shrubs, our foliage business not only makes great pruning sense, but is literally ever-growing. In a bid to heighten awareness of seasonal flora and reduce floral air-miles, our foliage is currently boxed up and joins another local convoy on a journey to London where it is sold on to florists, hotels, restaurants and photographers.

Organic pork


Two of our famous farm friends are Kylie and Britney, our pair of lovely squashed-nose, rare and distinctive Middle White sows. These two lovelies have delivered many a fine piglet in their time.

Famous in the early 1900s as a high quality British pork pig, the breed then became extremely rare. It continues to be highly prized in other parts of the world “for its outstanding eating qualities”. Hardy, yet docile, it is the ideal outdoor pig and makes wonderful pork. Happily, its qualities are again highly sought after in the UK thanks to its championing by chefs such as Antony Worrall Thompson and Fergus Henderson at St John’s restaurant in Smithfield.

Our pigs spend much of their lives in small woods, eating organic vegetables from the farm and bran from our mill. Supply of our delicious bacons, chops, Sunday joints and tasty sausages made to an old English recipe is limited, but we welcome direct orders and are able to deliver in a local radius. Contact us to receive latest prices and to place your order.

Organic beef


Maple Farm Kelsale plays host to a number of beef herds who come for the grazing of succulent clover and naturally lush meadows. Well farmed, well fed and delicious – please contact us to pre-order.

Organic lamb

After a life of feasting on herbs, clover and grasses, our visiting lambs taste sweet and full of flavour. Please contact us to pre-order.